Finish strong

Finish strong

The words Finish Strong instantly and clearly communicate a performance goal perhaps better than any other two words in the English language. In this breathtaking gift book, you will share in the triumphs a variety of individuals who all shared a common value – the desire to overcome their obstacle and ultimately Finish Strong. In addition, Dan Green shares some innovative ways that he has incorporated the Finish Strong attitude into his personal and professional lives.

Finish Strong is a powerful platform for leading your team to success. Use the book to kick-off or close your next meeting, conference or event. Give the book to your customers and prospects as a way to reinforce your commitment to them. Anyone with goals or ambition should read this book.

Regardless of what came before or of what has yet to come, what matters most is how you choose to respond to the challenge in front of you. Will you lie down or will you fight? The choice is yours. Choose to Finish Strong!

“Dan Green has written one of the most inspirational books that we’ve ever published at Simple Truths. It is filled with amazing stories about people from all walks of life who in the face of adversity, against all odds…finished strong!”
Mac Anderson


Ways to Use: Give this book away at your next meeting or event. Perfect for Leadership development, Executive Retreats, Team Building, Management training

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Activities to go with fiction


Listen to Charlotte’s Web.  Hear E.B. White read from his book, virtually visit his farm (in the “Down East” part of Maine) and watch a spider, like Charlotte, spin a web. Also learn how she catches (and eats) food, observe how she lays eggs and find out how her wingless babies (called spiderlings) can “fly” (or “balloon”) from the place where they were hatched.




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You’re Too Kind : A Brief History of Flattery

You're too kindby Richard Stengel

From the reviews

Stengel (a senior editor at Time magazine) ponders the meaning of flattery and illustrates that more than mere praise, flattery is praise with a motive, be it benign or grasping.

You’re Too Kind is a witty, colorful, fast-paced trip through history.  It’s meticulously researched and comprehensive. Stengel charts a droll and whimsical history, starting with the Egyptians (“Laugh after he laughs, and it will be very pleasing to his heart,” recommends Vizier Ptahhotep), and concluding with handy hints on how to flatter without getting caught: “Never be candid when a person asks you to be candid.” In between, he asks questions such as “What is circumcision, really, but a kind of divinely enforced flattery?” in an irreverent discourse around the covenant with the Israelites, and looks at everyone from troubadours to Dale Carnegie, Puritans to Hollywood D-girls.

It does bounce around, from the fascinating history of flattery to great tips about flattery to research concerning flattery.

Beware: After reading this book, you may look at the subject of strategic praise in a whole new light, and it may not be a flattering one, either. Enjoyable and informative.


An Author Underwrites a Successful Track Program


Byron Holland For The New York Times

The track at New Bern High School was paid for by the writer and runner Nicholas Sparks, in sunglasses.

Read on …

Sharon McQueen Talks about Her Fascination with The Story of Ferdinand

Picture books may come and go, but The Story of Ferdinand—a tale about a little bull who prefers to sit under a cork tree smelling flowers rather than butt heads with other bulls—is still one of the most beloved stories for kids and adults. Why has this 72-year-old story of peace and contentment by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson been so successful and controversial? Sharon McQueen, a children’s librarian and doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, School of Library and Information Studies, is determined to find out in her dissertation: “The Story of the Story of Ferdinand: The Creation of a Cultural Icon.” McQueen recently received the Jesse H. Shera Award for the Support of Dissertation Research.

Why is The Story of Ferdinand both successful and controversial?
Everyone’s got their own opinion, their own take. I think that’s why the book was controversial—due to these various interpretations and the fact that it happened to be published, and successful, during a period of widespread conflict. The book was successful because a high percentage of readers strongly identify with Ferdinand. They see him the way the author did, as an individual choosing his own path. As Munro Leaf himself said, it’s “a happy-ending story about being yourself.” Also, it’s funny, darn it! read more…

The children’s poetry archive.

This is a section of the Poetry Archive specifically designed for children.  Find out more …

Rose Tremain wins Orange Prize

  • The British novelist, Rose Tremain, has won the prestigious Orange Prize for women’s fiction for her book, The Road Home, which tells the timely tale of an eastern European immigrant.

Tremain, described by the judges as “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”, was presented with the £30,000 ($61,000) prize at the award ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall in London last night.

She was seen as a shoo-in for the literary prize and betting agencies even stopped taking money on her as favourite.

Apparently, this is only the second time a favourite has won the prize.   more …

Compare your reading skills


Compare your reading skills
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