Speech Making Success Tip

Before you open your mouth to say the first word of your speech, you are communicating with the audience.  Your stance, facial expression and body language are a picture that paints a thousand words. Make it calm, confident and pleasant, and you start “on the right foot”! So plant both of your feet, stand up straight and smile at them.  You’ll feel confident, sincere and professional and the audience will know.  Than you can play with them. 

3 Questions that will change your life

These are such simple and quick questions. But, by taking the short time to answer them provides you with clarity, understanding, and allows your mind to see solutions to move you forward rather than getting stuck in the emotional aspects of the situation.

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Mobile picture books

From Mobile Entertainment: A Japanese printing company has debuted the first picture book on a cell phone, and hopes to have 50 titles available by September.

Hypocrisy and the Politics of Politeness


: Manners and Morals from Locke to Austen




by Jenny Davidson




 This book offers fascinating insights into the politics of eighteenth-century manners.

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Latest booklists for kids


Science fiction for K-3

Scary books for Years 4 – 8

Books highlighting self-control

Series books for middle schoolers

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J.K. Rowling commencement address

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling delivered a commencement address at Harvard University. Click here to read her speech in its entirety, and to listen to an audio recording.

Writing a book at 15 – watch the video!

Author Christopher Paolini on writing the book at 15 and seeing it on the big screen.

Self-publishing secrets – How to publish your own Best-seller

Teleseminar – listen on July 8 (or wait for the download)

with Elaine Floyd
Elaine FloydThe old publishing model is nearly dead for most authors. Finding an agent, then a publisher, then waiting 18-24 months for the book to be produced is way too long for entrepreneurs who can sell their book to their clients, in the back of the room and on the Internet.

But for your book to sell well and be positively received, you don’t just format it in Word and duplicate it at Kinko’s. You need to understand the nuances of creating a book that looks like it’s from a big publisher, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Elaine Floyd has produced top-selling books herself; she also has two titles published with major publishers. She’s learned that self-publishing is the best way for speakers, trainers and consultants to get their message to their market, as well as make more money. Lots more money. People began flocking to her to ask her advice as she seemed to have unlocked the magic formula for producing high-quality books and selling thousands of them. She began to consult with others who wanted to duplicate her success. She now helps clients create books that drive business.

You will learn:

  • how to create a system for selling not just one book, but a series
  • why your book must exceed the standards of major publishers
  • the three critical components to making your book a success and what most self-publishers skip — to their book’s detriment
  • key components of a jump-off-the-shelf cover
  • internal layout tips that separate “home-made” from professional
  • how to decide between soft- and hard-cover

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Date: Tuesday, July 8
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $25

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  • “Unearthing Hidden Markets for Gigantic Book Sales” with Jerrold Jenkins
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10 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Books

ibook.jpgIf you have any old books that you never plan on reading again, here are some fun ways to recycle them:

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Nintendo DS teaches English to Japanese kids

The Nintendo DS isn’t just fun and games anymore for English-language students at Tokyo’s Joshi Gakuen all-girls junior high school. The portable video game console is now being used as a key teaching tool, breaking with traditional Japanese academic methods. | Full Story