Resources to encourage reading and develop literacy skills

The International Reading Association provides online resources for use in the home or the classroom, to encourage reading and develop literacy skills. Created and collected by experienced educators (or, in the case of Choices booklists, by experienced kids) they’re designed to make your teaching task a little easier and a lot more effective. The detailed, research-based lesson plans and activities are available from Kindergarten up to year 12.

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When Language Can Hold the Answer:

Does language shape what we perceive, a position associated with the late Benjamin Lee Whorf, or are our perceptions pure sensory impressions, immune to the arbitrary ways that language carves up the world?


Every Monday Matters


Hardcover, 144 pages, 7.25″x8.25″

By Matthew Emerzian & Kelly Bozza



Millions of people each year want to know how to make a difference… in their lives and the lives of others. Millions of people each year want to focus on what’s important… what really matters.

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