An International crystal ball? The next 100 years predicted.

The Next 100 yearsThe Next 100 Years

by George Friedman

In The Next 100 Years, George Friedman offers a lucid, highly readable forecast of the changes we can expect around the world during the twenty-first century. He explains where and why future wars will erupt (and how they will be fought), which nations will gain and lose economic and political power, and how new technologies and cultural trends will alter the way we live in the new century.

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Convince vs. Persuade

Convince vs. PersuadeThese two verbs are too often confused, even by experienced writers. Perhaps the confusion stems from the acceptable use of either in certain contexts. We either convince or persuade someone of the value of a proposition or of the goodness of a certain action. But the two verbs part ways when we try to make them lead into complementary infinitives with to…it works with persuade but does not with convince.

We can convince a person that a statement is correct; we can convince him of its correctness; but we cannot convince (though we can persuade) him to believe it or to act on the belief. In all the examples here, the use of convince is incorrect:

· It was thought to have convinced a considerable number of independents to vote for the less experienced candidate.

· He said that the chairman had been convinced by the reporter to open the doors on the meeting.

· She tried to convince Williams in the interview to apologize to the fans and especially to the line judge.

· We made very attempt to convince the electorate to approve the measure, but without success.

All these examples should use persuade (or prevail upon) where they use convince.

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Words are like nature

Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within. -Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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Get Lost. In Books.

More than ever in this time of economic troubles and societal change, entering upon an undergraduate education should be a voyage away from visual overstimulation into deep, sustained reading of what is most worth absorbing and understanding: the books that survive all ideological fashions.

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