A House Without Windows – new from book club favorite Nadia Hashimi

The House withut windows

Readers fell in love with The Pearl That Broke Its Shell and When the Moon is Low, and now Nadia Hashimi is back with a new novel, A House Without Windows, on sale August 16th.

A House Without Windows is an unforgettable story of an unlikely sisterhood and a powerful and haunting tale of friendship that illuminates the plight of women in a traditional culture. Zeba’s quiet life is shattered when her husband, Kamal, is found brutally murdered with a hatchet in the courtyard of their home. Nearly catatonic with shock, Zeba is unable to account for her whereabouts at the time of his death, and barely escaping a vengeful mob she’s arrested and jailed. Awaiting trial, she meets a group of women whose own misfortunes have also led them to these bleak cells. For these women, the prison is both a haven and a punishment. Removed from the harsh and unforgiving world outside, they form a lively and indelible sisterhood.

Start reading an excerpt of A House Without Windows now and pre-order your copy today … Thenile.com.au , Fishpond.com.au , Book Depository , Amazon

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