Free book excerpt – Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything

The difference in success, or failure, is not how you look, not how you dress and not even how you’re educated. It’s how you think. One can’t overstate the importance of being able to maintain a positive attitude but let’s be honest…it’s not easy.

That’s why we love our new book, Attitude is Everything…10 Rules for Staying Positive. It breaks down the #1 key to success in a simple, but unforgettable way. The bottom line is that no matter what you do in life, the wisdom in this little book will help you succeed!

Today, we’re thrilled to share an excerpt from a chapter titled: “Wait to Worry,” which is great advice for everyone we know! Enjoy.

Change your mind set, change your life

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

by Carol Dweck 

“A good book is one whose advice you believe. A great book is one whose advice you follow. I have found Carol Dweck’s work on mindsets invaluable in my own life, and even life-changing in my attitudes toward the challenges that, over the years, become more demanding rather than less. This is a book that can change your life, as its ideas have changed mine.”

The How of Happiness

If you needed proof, that you can change your personal capacity for happiness then this is it. Research psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky’s pioneering concept of the 40% solution shows you how.

The How of Happiness is a different kind of happiness book, one that offers a comprehensive guide to understanding what happiness is, and isn’t, and what can be done to bring us all closer to the happy life we envision for ourselves.
howofhappinessThe How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want

by Sonja Lyubomirsky


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Finish strong

Finish strong

The words Finish Strong instantly and clearly communicate a performance goal perhaps better than any other two words in the English language. In this breathtaking gift book, you will share in the triumphs a variety of individuals who all shared a common value – the desire to overcome their obstacle and ultimately Finish Strong. In addition, Dan Green shares some innovative ways that he has incorporated the Finish Strong attitude into his personal and professional lives.

Finish Strong is a powerful platform for leading your team to success. Use the book to kick-off or close your next meeting, conference or event. Give the book to your customers and prospects as a way to reinforce your commitment to them. Anyone with goals or ambition should read this book.

Regardless of what came before or of what has yet to come, what matters most is how you choose to respond to the challenge in front of you. Will you lie down or will you fight? The choice is yours. Choose to Finish Strong!

“Dan Green has written one of the most inspirational books that we’ve ever published at Simple Truths. It is filled with amazing stories about people from all walks of life who in the face of adversity, against all odds…finished strong!”
Mac Anderson


Ways to Use: Give this book away at your next meeting or event. Perfect for Leadership development, Executive Retreats, Team Building, Management training

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