From the pre-loved department – a textbook – Foundations of Computing

The Foundations of Computing and the Information Technology Age: A historical, sociological and philosophical enquiry

by John Thornton

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pearson Education Australia
Publication Date: 2007

The Foundations of Computing and the Information Technology Age is a book both for undergraduate computing students and for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of technology in the modern world. Dispensing with simplistic explanations, the book first considers the evolution of the computer from the origins of number to the development of the microprocessor. It goes on to provide a theoretical explanation of computation and a practical demonstration of how a computer works. Using this as background, the text then examines the phenomenon of information technology within the broader context of modern science, culture and civilisation. In this way, the reader is drawn to consider how our technical, materialistic understandings have ignored the underlying reality from which all technology emerges: human consciousness.

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