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Making Troublemaker: An Interview with Alex Evanovich

Excitement has been building ever since Since Dark Horse Comics announced that New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich and daughter Alex Evanovich would write the original graphic novel Troublemaker. Set in the same world as the hit novels Metro Girl and Motor Mouth, Troublemaker will feature the further adventures of Barnaby and Hooker, gorgeously illustrated by Joëlle Jones.

We spoke to Alex Evanovich about writing Troublemaker, her lifelong love of comic books, and thoughts on mother-daughter collaboration.

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2010 Eisner Nominations Encompass Wide Range of Works

Comic-Con International (Comic-Con) is proud to announce the nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards 2010. The nominees, chosen by a blue-ribbon panel of judges, reflect the wide range of material being published in comics and graphic novel form today, from multivolume deluxe hardcovers to online stories to traditional comic book format.

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A page-turning mix of science fiction and noir thriller

Area 10

Christos N. Gage and Chris Samnee. DC/Vertigo Crime, $19.99(184p) ISBN 978-1-40121-067-0

In a page-turning mix of science fiction and noir thriller, New York City detective Adam Kamen is on the trail of the serial killer Henry the Eighth, so named for his penchant for decapitating his victims. Kamen is a familiar character—hard-boiled, independent, a guy with a tough exterior but emotions that run deep. A head injury in the midst of the investigation gives Kamen unusual powers and leads to an exploration of trepanation—deliberately drilling a hole in the skull—as well as introducing him to a beautiful psychiatrist who develops an interest in his case.
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The Big graphic novels of 2010

The year 2010 promises to deliver a wide variety of exciting new graphic works with new graphic novels coming from such artists as Dan Clowes, Charles Burns, and Dash Shaw on the literary comics side, as well as the continued and growing presence of work from prose writers looking to try their skills in the comics medium.
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Asterios Polyp wins fourth annual PWCW Critic’s poll

Once again, a graphic novel exemplifying comics’ ability to uniquely treat the themes of literary fiction has topped PW Comics Week‘s annual critics poll. David Mazzucchelli’s long-awaited Asterios Polyp got the most votes, with six.
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Red 5 Hits with iPhone App

With digital downloads of comics for various desktop and handheld devices getting more and more attention, several comics publishers are getting additional sales through iPhone downloads. One of the surprise success stories has been Red 5.
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Graphic Novel Lifts Curtain on Modeling Business

Petite model Isobella Jade has already written a memoir, Almost 5’4”, and now she’s written a fictional graphic novel based on her experiences in modeling. Model Life, illustrated by Jazmin Ruotolo, will be published by Soft Skull Press in October.
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Illustrator Fills In Photographer’s Tale Of War

Illustration from graphic novel

In 1986, French photographer Didier Lefevre traveled illegally into Soviet-controlled Afghanistan with a medical team from Doctors Without Borders who were on a mission to set up a field hospital. Lefevre’s assignment was to document the difficulties of providing humanitarian aid — along the way, he captured 4,000 images.

At the time, only six of Lefevre’s photographs were published in newspapers. For two decades, his contact sheets languished in boxes. And they might have remained there had it not been for graphic novelist Emmanuel Guibert.

Guibert collaborated with Lefevre to produce The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan With Doctors Without Borders, an unusual graphic novel that combines Lefevre’s photos and Guibert’s illustrations with a comic-book style narrative.  >>>

Alan’s War: A Conversation Becomes a Book

First Second will release the English-language version of Alan’s War: The Memories of G.I. Alan Cope, by French artist Emmanuel Guibert, in October. The 336-page black and white work, a success in France, is based on the memoirs of an American soldier’s experiences during World War II and his life, and disillusionment with his country, in the conflict’s wake. Alan’s War will have an initial print run of approximately 30,000 copies.

Alan’s War came about after Guibert and Cope struck up a friendship in France, where the veteran moved in 1948. After taping Cope’s reminiscences, Guibert arranged his words into a coherent chronology. “My job is to make an illustrated book out of a conversation, possibly as good and vivid as the conversation was,” the artist explained. Lapin, the in-house magazine of comics publisher L’Association, serialized the work, and in 2000, a year after Cope died, the first of the three volumes of Alan’s War appeared. The volumes have since been translated into Spanish, Italy and German; First Second is publishing the series in one book.

It was important to Guibert that the book in appear in Cope’s native language, and the artist sees its publication in America as the closing of a circle. Cope recorded his memoirs in what the artist describes as “a truly wonderful French, the literary and poetic French the strangers speak.” In the translation, “the language had to appear as natural as it would have been if Alan had spoken directly in English.” He worked closely with the translator Kathryn Pulver, noting “It certainly wasn’t an easy job for the translator, whom I salute with much gratitude.”
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