There is a real library for magic in Manhattan [Video]

One thing is for certain: If Hermione Granger was real and living in New York City, she’d be at this library reading every single book in it (again). The Conjuring Arts Resource Center in midtown Manhattan holds 11,000 books about the history of magic “and its allied arts” (which includes psychic phenomena, hypnosis, and slight-of-hand techniques) and functions primarily as a research library. Don’t you love it when things like Hogwarts and Ray’s Occult Books join imaginary forces to form something real? =>

Managing Manga in Your Library

The current surge of interest in manga is nothing short of a revolution in young adult publishing. Manga are Japanese graphic novels, in which stories that were originally published in magazines are then compiled into black and white paperbacks which can go on for dozens of volumes. With the uptick in interest in anime (Japanese animation) teens and tweens are flocking to the new medium. They cluster around shelving trucks of returned books and scarf them up before the books can hit the shelves. Manga brings young people into the library building and forms a ready base for programming and book talks.


Like Father Like Son

The Finnish Library Association celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010. On the occasion of the anniversary The Finnish Library Association wants to promote the important role of the libraries in cultural upbringing. The short film ‘Like Father, Like Son’ was originally produced for television but the Finnish and English versions are free to be diffused on the Internet.

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Get your correct dosage from the library

When you go to a doctor you probably expect to be sent to the pharmacy to fill a prescription for medicines to help your ailment.
You don’t expect to be sent to the library with a book list.
But that’s going to be happening in the Kimberley, as an innovative program called Bibliotherapy is implemented using books as part of a holistic approach to getting well