Today’s must-read – more charming fun in Shopaholic ties the knot

shopoholic_knotShopaholic Ties the Knot

by Sophie Kinsella

Another entertaining entry in Kinsella’s unabashedly fluffy Shopaholic series. Life could not get any better for Becky Bloomwood, the irresistibly daft heroine of Confessions of a Shopaholic (2001) and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (2002). She has managed to parlay her personal and professional passions into a dream job as a personal shopper at Barney’s, and she and her wildly successful boyfriend live a life of relative peace and prosperity in Manhattan’s West Village. Well, at least they would if Becky could manage to curb her extravagant spending habits a bit. When Luke finally pops the question, a euphoric Becky manages to entangle herself in another rather sticky predicament. Becky’s cozy mum back in England has planned a homespun wedding for her only daughter on the same day for which Luke’s frosty society mother has booked the Plaza in New York. Two weddings on the same day, what’s a committed consumer to do? Chock-full of the charming antics and asides that made the first two installments hilarious best-sellers.

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