Welcome back to the coffee shop.

It’s a cool, cloudy, showery day today …. just the day to be indoors with a hot drink, a good book and friends who enjoy reading.



I found this quote from Henry David Thoreau this morning. The internet is littered with quotes from Henry David Thoreau, isn’t it? He was certainly an eloquent writer. But this one had me thinking ….


"Read the best books first, or you may not have a change to read them at all."  Henry David Thoreau - Henry David Thoreau


Of course, you would read the best books.  I have to agree.

There is such joy in reading the best books. Why would you read something that was not the best?


But then, what classifies something as a “best book”?


I understand that we can spend time far too much time reading (and doing) what we think we should instead of what brings us joy.

Hmmm … Is reading about bringing joy?


And what is it that we should read – the classics … the award winners?

Should we read what popular culture says we should read – the bestsellers, the viral ones?


And we can learn a lot from books. Should we be reading non-fiction, is that “the best books”?


A quick search had not told me what Henry David Thoreau thought were “the best books”.

So tell me, what would you say were the best books?


What would be the few books you would read in case you didn’t “get the chance”. What would you take to a desert island? What would you read if you knew that you only had a short time left in which you would read?

Please share your answer in the comments below …