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Kill Daddy

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Gerald Freeman





Format Kindle
Publisher Gerry Freeman
Published October 2013


About the Book:


Kill Daddy is the storyof one man’s desperate attempt to move on from a traumatic childhood.


The past has haunted him his whole life and he realizes that he cannot even begin to live until he has left the memories behind and can focus on the present and the future, instead.

His journey takes him to remote villages in Kenya and Uganda, where he spends 2 years living with the local people. Will the journey help him to find inner peace, or will his abusers win in the end?






About the Author:



I am English but I have been living and working in Portugal for 20 years.

I am married and we have 2 dogs (at the moment). I express myself through sculpture and through my writing.

I began writing articles a few years ago, but have since focused on full length novels. I enjoy writing about life and the experiences and interesting characters we meet along the way.



“What is it?” There was definitely something amiss. They both looked at each other not knowing who was to start, Kib took the initiative.
“Chantal, is not happy.”
“Are you crazy, she was fine when I left and we had a great time. What on earth could be wrong?”
“She’s not happy with you, mate.” Ote felt obliged to say something in confirmation of his friend’s allegations. I was speechless, but then suspicious.
“Come on then, tell me what I’m supposed to have done.” I was on the defence now, just waiting for the bullshit to come flowing out.
“You just left this morning, Free-man, just like that,” Kip continued.
“But that was fine, we kissed, I said see you later and that was that.” I was telling the truth and I still didn’t understand.
“Did you have breakfast with her?” Ote asked me.
I told him that I hadn’t, in fact it was very seldom that I even took breakfast myself.
“That is the problem you see Freeman, you needed to buy her breakfast, she doesn’t have any money and she is alone.”
“I had no idea. What are you saying? That she slept with me for a cup of tea?” I was angry now, but only because I had been so naïve.


My Review:

When I first agreed to review this book, I was a little taken aback by the title.  What manner of book was this going to be?  Was it going to be something I didn't want to read?  And the first chapter or two didn't reassure me, though it wasn't what I had expected.  The workings of despair and mental dis-ease are not pretty, or logical or even particularly good story lines.  But when we stepped off the plane into Africa (and yes I mean "we" because I was with the author from the beginning, despite his illogical, despairing life, or perhaps because I recognised it) the whole course of the book changed and I lost the doubts entirely.

Gerry is a consummate story teller.  Like many good stories, this one rises and falls like a roller coaster.  He is so good at building tension, and creating release; juxtaposing stress and danger and fear against love and peace and security. 

Not only did I love the story, I learned so much from it.  I've learned about the dreadlock holiday culture,  I've learned about Africa and its people and culture.  I've learned about the relationship between rich and poor and I've been given much to ponder about mental recovery.

I thought that this was probably not an autobiography, but maybe a memoir, and on researching I find that it is certainly based on experience.  It is certainly incredibly authentic.

I am left with thoughts about the value of unconditional love and acceptance in mental health, about the challenges we face and their ability to give us mental strength, about cultures that value "hacuna matata", but most of all I am left with memories that are stuck in my head ... just of the story - the people, the events, the emotions.  And *that* is the mark of a great read.    







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